What is Finance for?

Our finance provider lets you buy the services you want today without worrying about the cost. With our flexible repayment plans, you decide when and how to pay back. Simply ask from Salon Manager and have a free advice and fill the form on your smart phone or your device.

What is different?

Our finance provider is flexible for this generation. They don’t penalise you for having thin credit file. When you apply for that a credit check is performed if your credit score is poor they will assess your affordability instead! This means, they lend to the largest audience in the UK including students and thin credit files.

Our Finance provider allows point of purchase finance on any transactions from £200 to £5000.

Will I qualify?

If you have a UK bank account or debit card, you can use Finance facilities. 
Are eligible to apply the Finance. 
Finance is subject to your ability to repay the loan.

How can I apply?

There is a simple and quick process:

· After free advice with the Salon manager you will fill a form for basic data include: your name and email address, then you will receive a link on your email which you provide it and follow the instructions.

· Client can register via Facebook and other social media platform to auto-populate most data field.

· Returning users only need to enter their email address, as all other details are securely stored.

On orders over £200 the customer must pay a deposit. The choice is with the customer as to how much a deposit to pay ranging from 10% to 50%. This allows them to be control as to how much finance they take out.

Customer details

We keep the information required to a bare minimum, making the customer journey as swift and easy as possible.

Customer account and repayment

You can repay in full within 30 days at 0% interest, or choose an instalment plan to repay on monthly basis. You can change your instalment plan at any time.

Interest rates are from 0% - 24% per year.

Repayments are auto-collected from the customer, so you do not need to take any further action after completing the order.

How can I feel the form?

After you received the email and link on your smart phone or device:

· Step 1 - Choose deposit and instalment option.

· Step 2 - Enter name, address, date of birth (credit check performed).

· Step 3 – Enter in card details for auto repayments.

. Step 4 – Confirm the order.

96% of our clients have successfully checked out, Why not be the next?


Contact our hair & beauty salon in Edgware, Middlesex, with any enquiries about our Finance Options