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For first-rate skin rejuvenation and tightening treatments, turn to our established salon in Edgware, Middlesex. Informed by a wealth of experience, we’ll work tirelessly to help you look your absolute best.

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Aging of the Skin

As we get older, processes taking place in the skin begin to slow down as the cells at the basal layer do not divide as quickly as they once did. The cells which replace absent ones are less organised, and the patterns that form become more irregular and uneven – making our skin susceptible to wrinkles.

Enhancing Your Skin

It’s possible to accelerate the skin’s natural processes via the abrasion of the skin surface with peels and exfoliants. This results in an intense stimulation of activity in the stratum basal, providing smother, more evenly textured skin.

Get Started

Skin rejuvenation using DIODE / Nd YAG is a non-mechanical means of producing this effect on the skin. Book your appointment today and have a 20-minute consultation with our professional team for more information and guidance.



Policy for LASER appointments 

The deposit is required to be half the amount of the treatment cost to make the appointment.


Missing an appointment on the day of the appointment will result in a £20 deduction from your deposit as a rescheduling fee.

Shaving the hair prior treatment areas is available at the clinic. Starting from £10.



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