Artificial Lashes are designed to give defenition and enhancement to the eyes. You can create a natural or dramatic look with the variety of lashes available.



Types and style of lashes

  • False eyelashes and semi-permanent eyelash extensions both enhance the length and volume of eyelashes, although  they differ in various ways.   
  • Classic / Single lashes  -  a 1:1 ratio of one extension applied to one natural lash.    
  • Hybrid lashes  -  classic lashes and volume fan lashes mixed together.   
  • Volume lashes  -  2-6 thin eyelash extensions which make a fan shape to allow for a look of full fluffy lashes.    
  • Mega volume lashes  -  10 or more super thin eyelash extensions.
  • Flare lashes  -  3 or more single lashes grouped.
  • Strip lashes  -  One whole strip of lashes, one day lasting.
  • Pre-made fans  -  ready-made volume eyelash extensions, they are similar finishing style to the Volume lashes.

Temporary false lashes


Temporary false lashes are applied with temporary lash glue, and are not designed to be worn when showering, sleeping or swimming.


The lashes come as individuals, clusters, and most commonly, lash strips.


Below are the aftercare and tips for Eyelashes, Click for more information.

Always ensure that you have had a glue test prior your appointment for checking any allergies/reaction.

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About Eyelash Services


Eyelash extensions are used to enhance the length, curliness, fullness, and thickness of natural eyelashes.


The extensions may be made from several materials including mink, synthetic, or horse hair.


The main method of applying the extensions is by using an adhesive glue to individually stick the extensions to the eyelash line.


False eyelashes and eyelash extensions are not the same.



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