We Provide Day,  Evening and Occasional Make-Up Services.

(For Birthdays, Weddings, Photoshoots, Formal Events, Special Events and more)

Steps of your Make-Up Consultation


First you and your makeup artist allow you to relax and describe what your final look should be, exchanging ideas to plan a final look.


You artist picks out shades that perfectly complement your facial features. Your skin is also examined thoroughly which is used to find the correct skin products to use.


Then begins your makeover!


After the makeover, you and your artist discuss to make any finishing touches.


Below are the aftercare and tips for Make-Up

  • Dont touch the face after Make-Up application.
  • Re-apply powder and lipstick if needed.
  • If face gets too oily you can gently dab with tissue.
  • If you want to remove, use makeup remover wipes or products,

You can combine Make-Up with Eyelashes and Hair-Up / Hair services to accentuate and get a stunning look!


You can find out more information about those services within their respective pages.

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About Make Up Services


Our makeup artists use top-quality products and have the experience and tools to make sure that you have a stunning look you need for any event you have on your calendar.

About Hair Up Services


Hair-Ups easily freshens up your look, it can be simple knots or French braided up-do's or a simple bun!


Our Stylist will make your hair designed for your special day. 


You can book your appointment and consultation to discuss your preferences and style.


The consultation procedure is similar to the Make-Up consultation, tailoring the final look to your desire and giving you the gorgeous look you always wanted!


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